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Our Mission

At Hydropolis, we design turnkey solutions for vertical farming. Our mission is to provide the most efficient vertical crop cultivation systems that serve as an ecological alternative to conventional agriculture. We aim to build a world where everyone has access to fresh water and healthy food. We offer our clients efficient and sustainable agriculture for the 21st century.

We strive to inspire farmers and entrepreneurs worldwide to join us in building a sustainable food chain, together for future generations.


  • Create local vertical farming systems in existing urban centres
  • Research, develop and expand the necessary technology to push industry limits and reduce labor costs
  • Create independent and self-sustaining centers (cities, campuses)
  • Enhance the comfort and safety in plant cultivation practices
  • Reduce water consumption and atmospheric emissions through hydroponic plant cultivation

Our Values

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We approach every project individually, delivering comprehensive turnkey vertical farming technologies. We are present at every stage of project implementation, from needs and analysis to on-site supervision.



We don't promise the impossible or recommend unprofitable solutions. Our offers are based on OPEX and CAPEX calculations, recommending the most cost-effective technology. We present estimated costs, projected plant growth, and return on investment timelines.

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We build vertical cultivation technologies that contribute to the safety of future generations and the health of our planet. In our R&D center, we continuously improve cultivation methodologies and work on new growing techniques to expand the possibilities of our services.

Awards Received

Hydropolis, the first participant of the 7th edition of InCredibles

The company received an invitation during the 15th edition of the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

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Recognition in the Green Initiatives Ranking

Review of the most interesting investments aimed at reducing the impact of economic activities on the environment and climate.

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3rd place in the Assay SUPERHERO

The Assay SUPERHERO competition is conducted for startups that have business potential and have a positive impact on the natural environment.

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Grand prize in the "Orzeł Innowacji"

Award in the category of the best technological solution.

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Carbon Footprint Foundation 2021

Award in the category of "Future Technology" for the development of technology enabling food cultivation in a closed ecosystem that reduces carbon and water footprint.

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Hydropolis Team

Wojciech Krajewski


Anna Drwięga


Marcin Łasak


For Investors

Message from CEO

Research and scaling. These are the aspects of business in which Hydropolis invests all its resources. Conventional farming methods are not efficient enough to meet the needs of the 21st century. Our solutions already ensure stable and secure profit for our clients. In the future, this form of agriculture will not only be the most profitable but also necessary for climate reasons. Our investors understand it very well. Aware of the moment we are in, I am pleased to invite you to grow together.

Wojciech Krajewski

CEO Hydropolis

Media coverage

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Mam Startup

Hydropolis acquired PLN 2.1 million. The agritech startup has developed a technology for controlled crop growth

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Container farming supported by AI and applications. Is this the future of agriculture?

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Hydropolis makes Poles' dreams come true and preparing an absolute hit: a year-round strawberry plantation

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There is a place in Krakow where lettuce grows on the walls

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Research and Development Center for Vertical Farming Technologies

Our R&D center consists of experts in plant physiology, biology, and horticulture who continuously work on technology development. We conduct our own vertical farming using two systems: SMART CROP and Plantainer, allowing us to cultivate different plant species simultaneously.

We investigate optimal conditions for plant growth, including temperature, humidity, oxygenation, lighting, and gas concentrations. The ability to optimize conditions and assess the impact of changes on plant growth enables us to develop new cultivation algorithms.

The quality of plants grown according to our cultivation protocols is of utmost importance to us. Each cultivation cycle in the R&D center concludes with microbiological analysis of the plants. These analyses are carried out in external units, including the Agricultural University of Krakow.

If you are interested in our R&D activities, please feel free to contact us.

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