Introducing the World of Hydropolis

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At Hydropolis, we develop modern cultivation methods. We design and manufacture vertical farming systems and software together with algorithms for growing crops within a controlled environment. Cultivation systems, along with Grow Wizard software allow one to simulate any weather condition within a closed ecosystem. We make it possible to grow healthy and tasty seasonal products year-round, regardless of the climate. In this article, we explain our work and why it is important. We provide you with the necessary information on how you can start your adventure with Hydropolis!

Who are we & what we do?

We developed an interest in the subject of controlled cultivation in 2018, while working in a company specializing in photovoltaic installations. Analyzing the market, we have diagnosed a great interest in renewable energy among entrepreneurs growing indoor greenhouses. This is how an innovative startup idea was born. Following it, in cooperation with the University of Agriculture in Krakow, we made a prototype hydroponic cultivation with a controlled atmosphere, located inside a shipping container. We have been operating since 2020, and since March 2022 we have officially started selling our products.

Our goal is to provide vertical systems for healthy and economical cultivation in any location, regardless of the climate. We develop farming systems that enable more eco-friendly and local access to food. The Hydropolis system is based on the technology of soilless cultivation, which allows the growth of low deciduous plants, such as lettuce or herbs, all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Closed circuits and precise irrigation can save up to 95% water compared to traditional cultivation methods. Specially designed LED lamps and a controlled atmosphere system accelerate the growth of the plant while ensuring its high quality.

The Hydropolis team consists of specialists from various fields. We are engineers, developers, automation specialists, cultivation technologists, biologists, and professionals in sales,
marketing, and production
. We are experienced in running companies in the technological and commercial sectors. Every day we work on system optimization, software development, and increasing the number of supported families of plants. We are convinced that Hydropolis provides technology that has a real impact on the future of agriculture and can serve customers in Poland, Europe … or even Antarctica.

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Why vertical farming can make a difference

Vertical farming is gaining popularity all over the world. It responds to the most important problems that the world will face in the future or is facing already – population growth, lack of access to fresh water, and a limited amount of land for agricultural infrastructure. Advanced cultivation techniques, including vertical agriculture, are gaining more and more interest in the agri-food sector. There are many reasons why a controlled atmosphere cultivation method is an important step forward. It is predicted that by 2030 the vertical farming market will grow at the level of 22.9% per year.

Among numerous advantages of using a vertical farming system, we can name reduction of water consumption by 95%, elimination of chemical emissions to water, soil, and atmosphere, and significantly less use of surface area all whilst achieving far greater yields. In addition, through precise irrigation and a water reclamation system with nutrient solutions, crops use fewer raw materials such as fertilizers. Although skeptical voices are accusing the method of high energy consumption, but with the development of modern LED lighting methods and the use of renewable energy sources, running a vertical farm is becoming more and more energy efficient.

Hydropolis systems are designed for the cultivation of lettuce and herbs. We are constantly working to expand the possibilities of cultivating other plants, including fruiting ones. The easiest way to describe the efficiency of the system is to compare performance. Controlled conditions and the plant growth algorithm we have developed allow for the harvesting of lettuce even 15-16 times a year. Meanwhile, in our latitudes (Poland), lettuce is harvested from the ground only up to four times. The cultivated product is healthy and safe for human consumption. Cultivation does not pollute the air, soil, and groundwater, and above all, it is local and reliable.

Although vertical farming brings many benefits, it is not a golden recipe for solving the problem of food security in the world. However, when combined with traditional farming methods and the development of modern solutions, it can provide a more secure future for all of us and solve many pressing problems related to global food production.

What We Can Do for You

As a company specializing in modern cultivation methods, we provide a technologically advanced product of the highest quality at a competitive price. We guarantee an individual approach to each of our clients and support in the form of a mentor who will be helping during the cultivation process.

We design cultivation systems in two variants:

  • Smart Crop – cultivation trucks that can go indoors (e.g. warehouses, cellars, empty spaces)
  • Plantainer – a shipping container.

Hydropolis products can be built with renewable energy sources: photovoltaics and heat pumps. The cultivation system does not require the use of herbicides, fungicides, or other unnecessary cultivation chemicals. Both products consist of a LED lighting system, hydraulics and automation, which are controlled by the Grow Wizard software. The user does not have to use other forms of data recording and storage.

Our cultivation systems are delivered in a “design and build” mode, which means that we provide each of our customers with a solution tailored to individual needs, along with a thorough analysis of profitability and payback time.

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Summing up

Thanks to our solution, you don’t have to worry about extreme weather events or instability in the supply chain. Hydropolis products can function in unfavorable conditions, i.e., the city
center or places with limited access to water. You can have your cultivation wherever and however you want – 365 days a year. We want the system to be intuitive and meet all technical and business expectations of our customers.

Grow with us!

If you are interested in indoor vertical farming solutions or wondering how you can start your vertical farm – get in touch with us. Our specialists will advise and propose the best solution tailored to individual needs.

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