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11.05.2022 Autor: Hydropolis

Introducing Hydropolis

Hydropolis » Blog » Introducing Hydropolis
Autor: Hydropolis

At Hydropolis, we develop cutting-edge solutions for agriculture. We design and construct indoor vertical farming technology. Our Grow Wizard software allows users to simulate any environmental conditions in a closed ecosystem. With our technology, one can grow healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables all year round, regardless of climate. Learn more about our technology and how it can be useful to you! 

Source: Hydropolis

Who are we

Before entering the vertical farming industry, Hydropolis founders Wojciech Krajewski and Anna Drwięga ran a photovoltaic company. Their interest in growing crops under controlled conditions began in 2018. Analyzing the market, they diagnosed a strong interest in renewable energy sources among greenhouse cultivation entrepreneurs. This is how the innovative startup idea was born. Combining knowledge and experience from the fields of engineering and agriculture, the Hydropolis team began to develop a pioneering solution. It was followed by the development of a prototype hydroponic cultivation with a system of controlled conditions located inside a shipping container, in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Cracow.

We are the first company in the Polish market to design and supply vertical cultivation technologies. We have been in business since 2020 and officially started selling our products in March 2022. We are constantly conducting research in our R&D center and expanding our offerings with new plant species.

What do we do?

Since our inception, we have been developing innovative indoor vertical growing technologies. Our solutions provide access to local and fresh food with less environmental impact. Hydropolis technology is based on a soilless method of growing plants – hydroponics. It allows low-leafy plants, such as lettuces or herbs, to grow all year round and regardless of weather conditions. The closed-loop circulation and precise irrigation of the plant can save up to 95% of water compared to traditional growing methods. Specially designed LED lights and a controlled atmosphere system accelerate plant growth while ensuring high quality.

Our team

The Hydropolis team consists of a group of specialists in various fields. We are engineers, designers, automation specialists, crop technologists, biologists, and people responsible for sales, marketing, and production. We have experience in running companies in technological and commercial industries. Every day we work to optimize the system, develop software and increase the number of cultivation algorithms. We are convinced that Hydropolis provides technology that has a tangible impact on the future of agriculture and can serve customers in Poland, Europe… or Antarctica.

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Source: Hydropolis

Check out our offer

Why Vertical Farming Matters

According to a recent UN report, the world’s population could grow to about 9.7 billion in 2050. This means that the demand for food will increase significantly in the coming decades. Population growth and the declining availability of agricultural land pose a serious threat to global food security. In addition, the negative effects of climate change, such as droughts and floods, and unsustainable food production exacerbate the problems of the agricultural sector.

How does all this relate to vertical agriculture? There are several reasons. Vertical farming technology responds to the above problems that the world will have to face or is already facing. Innovative crop production methods are needed to diversify the current food system and meet growing needs. This is why vertical farming is gaining importance in the agri-food sector. The value of the vertical agriculture market in 2022 was $5.37 billion. It is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.5% between 2022 and 2030.

Benefits of Vertical Farming

Compared to traditional farming methods, vertical farming has many benefits. First of all, it allows local food production, near the consumer. Vertical farming systems can be easily installed in warehouses, halls, office buildings, or even residential buildings. Other advantages include a reduction in water consumption by up to 95%, higher yields using less space, no need for pesticides, and elimination of chemical emissions to water, soil, and the atmosphere. In addition, thanks to the closed water cycle, fewer raw materials, such as fertilizers, are used along with the nutrient solution. With the development of LED lighting and RES, running a vertical farm will become more and more energy efficient.

Hydropolis Technology

Hydropolis technology will work best for lettuces and herbs. We are constantly working to expand our offerings with new crop varieties, including strawberries. Thanks to the multi-level arrangement of crops, our technology allows for growing more plants per square meter compared to conventional farming. Using state-of-the-art HydroLED lamps with moving functions and renewable energy sources, our solutions are efficient in terms of operating costs. Controlled conditions and the plant growth algorithms developed by our R&D team allow us to multiply yields throughout the year. Lettuce grown with Hydropolis technology is harvested 15 to 16 times per year. Meanwhile, lettuce grown traditionally in the ground, in Polish latitudes, can be harvested a maximum of four times.

Plants grown using our technology are healthy and safe for humans. Production does not pollute the air, land, or groundwater, and above all is local and reliable.

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Source: Hydropolis

What We Can Do For You

As a company specializing in modern cultivation methods, we provide products and services of the highest quality at a competitive price.

We offer turnkey solutions. This includes the initial design and estimation of all costs and reimbursements. As contractors, we carry out all stages of the investment – from design to construction to training. We provide solutions according to the client’s specifications, based on individual needs, along with a thorough analysis of cost-effectiveness and payback time. We guarantee an individual approach to each of our clients, as well as support in the form of a Supervisor, who will provide substantive and practical assistance during cultivation with Hydropolis.

We offer cultivation technology in two variants:

Smart Crop – an indoor vertical growing system.

Plantainer – hydroponic cultivation in shipping containers.

Hydropolis products are designed together with RES: photovoltaics and heat pumps. The cultivation system does not require the use of herbicides, fungicides, or other unnecessary cultivation chemicals. Both products consist of a HydroLED lighting system, hydraulics, and automation, which is controlled by Grow Wizard software. The crop automation software is responsible for all operational processes at the crop production site. Thus, our solutions provide resource-efficient and quality crop production while requiring less space, resources, and labor.

Guarantee and Assurance

Extreme weather events and rising energy prices are a challenge for all food producers. Energy costs can be one of the significant barriers for many potential users of our technology, and we are aware of this. Therefore, to give a proper assessment of future profits, we take into account energy prices several years ahead, thus providing certainty of returns.

To manage operating costs, we offer solar panels and heat pumps. Renewable energy sources are one of the most effective ways to drastically reduce the energy costs associated with running a vertical farm. In addition, our hydroponic system uses up to 95% less water and less fertilizer. This allows us to increase savings in other areas besides energy prices and make the crops profitable.

One of the most important features of our technology is to conduct production in isolated conditions, which means protecting not only from extreme weather conditions but also from pest or disease infestations. This way, users don’t have to worry about unpredictable climates and can enjoy a healthy and reliable crop all year round.

Bottom Line

Vertical farming is a sustainable alternative to conventional crop production methods. Hydropolis technology is adapted to operate in unfavorable conditions, i.e. city centers or places with limited access to water. Thus, it allows for local and ecological cultivation – 365 days a year.

Hydropolis offers two vertical growing solutions – Smart Crop, which is an indoor vertical growing system, and Plantainer, which is hydroponic growing inside a shipping container. Grow Wizard’s software and automation are responsible for all operational processes at the production site. Our solutions ensure resource-efficient and quality crop production, requiring less space, resources, and labor.

Grow with us!

Want to learn more about Hydropolis solutions? If you are interested in the topic of vertical growing, contact us via the contact form or by email: info@hydro-polis.com. Our team will give you all the answers and show you how vertical farming can serve you!

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