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Hydropolis’ hydroponic farming technology utilized within a shipping container (CEA)
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Plantainer Key Elements

Hydroponic crop irrigation

NFT columns

Closed loop nutrient solution water system

Intelligent nutrient solution dosing system

HydroLED lamps

Nursery seeding station

Cultivation automation

System chłodzenia i grzania

Cooling and heating system

Disinfection zone

Vertical farming in a shipping container

A full-fledged hydroponic cultivation system with a nursery and cultivation automation software designed to fit inside a shipping container. The Plantainer system is a hydroponic farming system specifically fitted into a container which is further customized to meet the specific requirements of the client.

Kompleksowa uprawa hydroponiczna - grafika

We provide the hydroponic ready shipping container

We deliver turnkey solutions for vertical farming worldwide: design, construction, and ongoing supervision and assistance with cultivation - from seed to first harvest.

What crops can be grown in a shipping container?

Butterhead lettuce

Romaine lettuce

Curly lettuce







About 4

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1. Is Plantainer technology suitable for me?
We designed the Plantainer for profitable, wholesale crop production. Container farms are suitable for either commercial or private purposes. The Plantainer will be a perfect option for supermarkets, more prominent restaurants, and hotels, but it can also be a good solution for housing associations, schools, and universities.
2. How much does the Plantainer cost?
The cost of the Plantainer hydroponic container farm depends on crop production and additional features (such as solar panels, water treatment stations, etc.).

Contact us via e-mail: to receive an individual price estimate on our products and services.
3. Can I customize my Plantainer?
Absolutely. We work in a "design and build" delivery system so we can adapt the Plantainer according to your needs.

The basic version of the Plantainer consists of 8 vertically stacked shelves, HydroLED lamps, a nursery station, a worktop, an electric installation with automation, and the main tank with all the hydraulics (ion exchange filters, pumps, filters, medium tanks, peristaltic pumps, etc.).

Depending on the available space and the demand for crop production and vertical farming system, you can scale up the Plantainer by adding new containers to your farm.
What can I grow in the Plantainer?
In the Plantainer, you can grow short leafy plants such as herbs, lettuces, and other vegetables typically grown hydroponically. There is also the possibility of customizing the container for the cultivation of taller plants, such as flowers. Contact us, and we will advise you on the optimal solution for your needs.
5. What are the installation requirements?
To start your journey with hydroponics, you need a paved area of about 40 m2 with access to electricity and water. To ensure proper operation of the Plantainer, it requires water and electrical connection of a minimum connected load of 16 kW. All the components needed for crop production, including the nursery station, are already included in our products.
6. How much time and labor does it take to operate Plantainer?
Automation controls all the growing processes. Your tasks are to monitor plant growth, move plants from the nursery to growing channels, harvest, and clean.

These are not time-consuming activities, and you receive training in most of them. The estimated working time is 1 hour per day.
7. Is Plantainer compatible with Grow Wizard software?
Yes. Our Grow Wizard app manages growth processes within the container hydroponic farm. This automation, along with the software, ensures the proper maintenance of physical parameters, e.g., temperature, humidity, gas concentration, parameters of nutrient solution, irrigation, and lighting. The software is responsible for monitoring the condition of the crops and helps with scheduling through different phases of plant growth.
8. What is the electrical draw?
The estimated electricity consumption of the basic Plantainer version is 42,000 kWh.
9. Is the container farm compatible with solar panels?
Yes. We can install solar panels on the container farm if requested.
10. Where our containers come from?
For the Plantainer container farm, we recycle shipping containers or isotherms. That's how we can give them a second life while increasing the ecology of our solutions. For customized Plantainer design, we use modular containers.
11. What support does Hydropolis provide to its customers?
We offer our clients comprehensive training and assistance at every stage of hydroponic farming. We are going to guide you through all the Plantainer operations. Our specialists are at your disposal anytime.
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