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Turnkey vertical farming technology with dedicated support structures
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SMART CROP vertical growing system

  • Multi-story racks or vertical carts
  • Hydroponic irrigation
  • Seeding station – Nursery
  • Crop management software: GROW WIZARD
  • Cultivation algorithms
  • HydroLED lamps with a specially selected spectrum
  • Optional: solar panels
  • Workspace areas: sanitizing zone, harvesting zone, cleaning zone, storage areas
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Grow efficiently with Hydropolis technology

SMART CROP is a scalable system for growing plants in a controlled environment. It is designed to be installed inside warehouses, depots or many enclosed spaces with an area ranging from 200 to 5000 m2.

What do Hydropolis vertical farming solutions provide?

  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Custom system layout design of the SMART CROP system with Grow Wizard software
  • Economic calculations
  • Technical workshops built around the Client's needs and their custom system, including planning the organization of a working vertical farm
  • Setup and project execution
  • Vertical farm launch and staff training
  • Support from Hydropolis specialists (Farm Supervisors)

What can be grown in vertical farming

Butterhead Lettuce


Batavian lettuce

Curly lettuce

Romaine lettuce







About 4

Place for your plant specie

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Who is SMART CROP vertical cultivation designed for?
The SMART CROP system is designed for the construction of large-scale vertical cultivation within structures such as halls or warehouses. Plants grow on vertical support structures (cultivation carts) or on horizontal NFT channels.

The cultivation method is chosen based on the selected plant species. SMART CROP vertical farming technology is a solution for individuals who are considering a scalable business in the agricultural industry that can be conducted independent of the local ecosystem and weather patterns.

It is possible to repurpose existing buildings if the need arises, dedicated structures are not always necessary.
2. How much does the Smart Crop cost?
We estimate the cost of Smart Crop vertical farming technology individually, depending on the customer's needs, available space, and the number of growing recipes. Write to to get a cost estimate.
3. Can Smart Crop technology be customized?
Absolutely. We work in a "design and build" delivery system so we can adapt Smart Crop according to your needs.

Our team of engineers and architects have designed Smart Crop to ensure maximum crop yields whilst maintaining proper ergonomics of the farming site.
What plants can I grow in SMART CROP?
In the SMART CROP technology, we have developed cultivation recipes for lettuce, herbs, and microgreens.

We are constantly working on developing cultivation recipes for other plants. It is possible to create a cultivation recipe based on the specific request of the client.
5. What are the infrastructure requirements for Smart Crop technology?
Water and electricity connection is required. If you don’t know if your building meets the requirements, contact us - we will help you verify it.

As a general provider of vertical farming solutions, we can help you at each investment stage, from choosing a suitable building to starting your farm.
6. How much work is required to operate the Smart Crop vertical farm?
It all depends on the scale of the crop production. Our automation system maintains the optimal physical parameters in the cultivation area, such as hydration and lighting. Due to the high maintenance costs of a farm smaller than 2000 m2, we don’t recommend using full automation. With the farm size larger than 2000m2, automation of processes such as planting, harvesting, and packing is the most profitable.
7. Is Smart Crop compatible with Grow Wizard software?
Yes. Our Grow Wizard software manages the Smart Crop production, e.g., maintains the optimal temperature, humidity, gas concentration, parameters of the nutrient solution, irrigation, and lighting. In addition, Grow Wizard helps with planning and data assessments of the farm.
8. Is the Smart Crop compatible with solar panels?
Yes. We can install solar panels at the farming site as part of the design.
9. How does Hydropolis support its clients?
Our cultivation advisors will guide you through every aspect of SMART CROP operations. We offer comprehensive training and support to our clients at every stage, from signing on with us to harvesting your crop, we will be there for you every step of the way.
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