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Hydroponic Systems with Controlled Atmosphere for Vertical Farming

Efficiently, locally, all year round

About Hydropolis

We develop modern farming technology. Together - for next generations.

By combining knowledge from agriculture, engineering, and automation, we can deliver an innovative hydroponic system for year-round crop production - locally, efficiently, and regardless of the climate.


Reliable and healthy crop production

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Crop management and automation

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Sustainable and efficient technology


Easy scale up

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Our technology

Smart Crop

An indoor farming system with vertical columns Smart Cart, HydroLED lamps, and an automated system for irrigation, lighting, and maintenance of growing conditions. With Smart Crop, you can efficiently use space, such as a warehouse, basement, or hall, to maximize crop efficiency of production. Our solution guarantees uninterrupted growing processes 365 days a year.


40 – 2000m2 cultivation area

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Suitable for leafy greens

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Clients with high demand for a crop production

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The hydroponic system inside a shipping container. Features advanced software that controls the environment in the cultivation area. Provides the highest quality crops within the 12-meter space.

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Easy and fast setup

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Suitable for leafy greens and larger-size plants

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Good for commercial food production

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Easy to transport anywhere in the world

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Grow Wizard

Crop management software designed to control and optimize physical parameters, such as lighting, air humidity, gas concentration, and irrigation. It allows you to monitor and automate growing processes at your farm while maximizing crop efficiency. With smart farming, you can manage your farm remotely from the app or computer.

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Cloud data and daily reports

Remote management of farm operations

Plant growth optimization

Increase comfort, minimize operational costs

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Know How

Years of work and experience allowed us to develop innovative technology that can optimize your farm. We know it might be hard to implement a new system, but we get you covered with that. We offer complete services and mentorship when taking the first steps in vertical farming. Your Farming Supervisor will ensure the smooth setup of our technology and help grow your first tasty crops!

Tech 8

Quality assurance

Tech 9

Healthy and tasty crops

Tech 10

Specialist support


Comprehensive training

We believe that vertical farming is not just the future.
It's a necessity.

How does our technology reinvent agriculture?

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Reduce water consumption by up to 95%

Tech 12

Use fewer fertilizers and no pesticides


Empower to grow locally, all year round, regardless of the climate

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Protect Farmers from extreme weather events and allow them to be self-sufficient

We invite farmers, entrepreneurs, and individuals to join our network and create the future of agriculture. Let's grow together - for future generations.

Grow with us!


What can you grow with Hydropolis technology?
The Smart Crop allows you to grow lettuces (up to about 300 g/head), leafy greens, herbs, and low flowers.

The Plantainer is the most suitable for growing lettuces (even iceberg type), leafy greens, herbs, flowers, micro herbs, micro greens, sprouts, and cereals, such as barley.

We constantly expand our growing recipes list with new flowers, micro-herbs, and medicinal herbs. Contact us if you have any specific requirements for plant species. We will select the best solution for you -
How much do our products cost?
The estimated price of Smart Crop and Plantainer is individual for each project.

The cost of our technology depends on crop production and additional features (such as solar panels, water treatment stations, etc.).

Contact us via e-mail: to receive an individual price estimate on our products and services.
What is the return on investment (ROI)?
The return on your investment depends on many variables, such as where you are in the world, the local price for goods, electricity, and water, how big the demand for the product you offer is, and the labor costs.

For each of our clients, we prepare a comprehensive ROI estimation. Our advisor will help ensure that the business can be commercially viable.

The usual time for the return on initial investment varies from 2 to 6 years. It depends on the size and type of crop production and the financing model.
Who can become our customer?
Anyone. ? Our products are mainly addressed to customers interested in a large cultivation area size (40 m2 cultivation = more than 3500 pieces of product per harvest). However, our solutions are also suitable for people who want a smaller crop production for commercial or private purposes, with a minimum cultivation area of 40 m2.

You don't need initial knowledge about vertical farming to get our products. We provide you with comprehensive training and full assistance from seed to harvest under the care of a Hydropolis Club Specialist.
Can we help you with funding?
We cooperate with banks and help to acquire financing in the form of leasing/credit. We also can help you to obtain European Union funding.
How much does the Grow Wizard license cost?
The Grow Wizard license price depends on the size of the crop production. The license includes the software with the automation and growing recipes to optimize physical parameters for crop production. Get in touch with us to learn more details.
What do we provide to our customers?
With The Smart Crop and Plantainer technology, you get a complete vertical installation with critical components such as:
➔ vertical racks
➔ HydroLED lamp system
➔ hydroponic irrigation system
➔ water filtration system
➔ intelligent nutrient dosing system
➔ nursery station
➔ worktop table
➔ Grow Wizard software and automation.

Our engineers can also help you adapt your project or existing infrastructure to the requirements for the cultivation installation: electrical, hydraulic, and energy.
How do we support the beginning HydroFarmers?
We provide training throughout the system installation process and the first crop production. Training includes getting to know the technology and software, the basics of crop management, and good practices developed by our technologists.

On top of it, you can always get our assistance and support. We provide a mentor for each of our clients. He assists in technical and practical aspects of farming at all times.
Do our products work with solar panels?
Absolutely. We can include solar panels if requested.
Do we ship internationally?
We do ship anywhere in the world. Please send us an email to to get a shipping quote.

Get in touch with us!

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