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Indoor Vertical Farming Turnkey Solutions with
Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Efficient, locally and all year round

About Hydropolis

We develop modern farming technology. Together - for next generations.

Vertical farming by Hydropolis offers:

Skalowalny biznes technologia upraw wertykalnych

A scalable business model customized to production capabilities and available growing space.

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Intuitive and remote cultivation management using proprietary software.

Tech 8

Assurance on a reliable and healthy product through developed cultivation algorithms.

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Sustainable utilization of resources: efficient cultivation with a minimal water footprint.

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Our vertical farming technology


This scalable hydroponic growing system is implemented in a controlled environment within specially adapted buildings featuring multi-tiered racks or vertical carts.


Size of cultivated areas: 200-2000 m2

Tech 2

Cultivation of low leafy plants in vertical systems: herbs, lettuces, microgreens

Oprogramowanie do zarządzania farmą Grow Wizard

Farm management software: Our Grow Wizard is an integral part of the system

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Uprawa wewnątrz kontenera morskiego Plantainer
Shipping container hydroponics


The technology of vertical farming in a shipping container with advanced software controlling the conditions during the cultivation.

Kontener morski uprawa

Cultivation within a 40 HC shipping container (dimensions approximately 12m x 2.3m x 3m)

Tech 2

Suitable for leafy greens and larger-size plants

Oprogramowanie do zarządzania farmą Grow Wizard

The Grow Wizard software is an integral part of our system

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Grow Wizard

Is our proprietary farm management software for vertical farming. It enables remote communication with the automation system at the cultivation site and operates at every stage of crop production, from seed to harvest.


Comprehensive farm management through a single tool

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The software is integrated with SMART CROP and Plantainer systems

Grow Wizard is also fully integrated with onsite automated cultivation systems

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Know How

We complement hydroponic technologies with intangible values in the form of knowledge and expertise provided by Hydropolis specialists. The Farm Supervisor ensures a calm and full-scale implementation of our turnkey solutions for vertical farming.

Tech 10

Farm Supervisor - a dedicated person of contact for every stage of system installation


Customized Products to Meet Your Needs- a tailor-made technology

Tech 9

Developed Cultivation Algorithms - ensuring healthy and efficient plant cultivation 365 days a year

Technologie Hydropolis - tło

Vertical farming is transforming the face of modern agriculture

How does our technology reinvent agriculture?


We offer self-sufficiency and independence for food producers

Wizard 1

We reduced the blue water footprint, cutting water consumption in vertical farming by 95% compared to traditional farming methods

Tech 12

We minimize the emission of chemicals into water, soil, and the atmosphere

We invite responsible farmers, companies, and individuals to collaborate with us in shaping the future of modern agriculture in Europe and around the world. Let's grow together - for future generations.

Grow with us!

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What can you grow with Hydropolis technology?

The type of crops that can be grown depends on the chosen technology. The SMART CROP system is suitable for the growth of lettuce, herbs, and low-height flowers.

In the Plantainer, it is most advantageous to cultivate lettuce (including heavier types such as iceberg), herbs, and flowers. It is also possible to customize the Plantainer setup for hydroponic cultivation of grass, low-height grains (such as barley), microgreens, or sprouts.

We are constantly working on implementing new cultivation recipes. If you would like to cultivate something specific, please contact our specialists. We will help you select the appropriate technology -

How much do our products cost?

The estimated price of Smart Crop and Plantainer is individual for each project.

The cost of our technology depends on crop production and additional features (such as solar panels, water treatment stations, etc.).

Contact us via e-mail: to receive an individual price estimate on our products and services.

What is the return on investment (ROI)?

To calculate profitability and return on investment in vertical farming and hydroponic systems, several variables need to be considered, primarily dependent on the cultivation location.

The key factors include:

- Market demand and product prices in the market, as well as the distribution model.

- Electricity rates, which are a significant component of operational expenses (OPEX).

- Labor costs.

Depending on the cultivation size, the type of crops grown, and the financing model, the payback period ranges from 2 to 6 years.

Who can become our customer?

Vertical farms and hydroponic systems are products targeted towards customers who are interested in:

Large-scale plant production with controlled environment systems (from 200 m2 of cultivation area).

Cultivation in a shipping container (for customers interested in smaller hydroponic cultivation areas with modular scalability).

No agricultural background or cultivation experience is necessary to operate the farm. Training sessions are conducted during system setup, and we also provide free assistance from the Farm Supervisor.

Does Hydropolis assist in obtaining financing for the technology?

We collaborate with banks to help customers secure financing through leasing or loans. We also keep an eye on EU grants and have experience in acquiring this type of funding.

How much does the Grow Wizard license cost?

The cost of a Grow Wizard license depends on the size of the cultivation and the number of plant species you want to cultivate. With the license, you receive automation control software and "cultivation recipes," which are algorithms that adjust cultivation parameters for optimal conditions specific to each plant. Learn more about Grow Wizard.

What are the costs incurred by the customer during the investment, and what does Hydropolis provide?

The Smart Crop system and Plantainer consist of:

- Nursery seeding station
- Cultivation infrastructure (cultivation carts/multi-tier racks)
- HydroLED lighting system
- Full irrigation installation for cultivation
- Water purification system with nutrients
- Intelligent nutrient dosing system
- Cultivation automation with Grow Wizard software
- Working areas: disinfection zone, harvesting zone, cleaning zone, warehouses

Our engineers can also assist in adapting the project or existing infrastructure to meet the necessary requirements for the cultivation installation, including electrical, hydraulic, and energy needs.

What support system is available for beginners?

During system setup and the initial hydroponic cultivation, we provide comprehensive training and familiarization that includes learning of system operations, software, basic cultivation practices, and the best practices developed by our technologists.

It is worth mentioning that you will have our support at every stage. We provide a Farm Supervisor for each of our clients who will provide you with both technical and practical assistance throughout your cultivation journey with Hydropolis.

Do our products work with solar panels?

Absolutely. We can include solar panels if requested.

Do we ship internationally?

We do ship anywhere in the world. Please send us an email to to get a shipping quote.

Does Hydropolis provide individually selected components and technology?

Hydropolis provides turnkey solutions in the hydroponic vertical farming industry, including technical equipment, automation, and software.

Is vertical farming with a hydroponic system considered organic farming?

Cultivating in a vertical hydroponic system requires 65% less fertilizer and consumes 95% less water when compared to traditional farming methods. No pesticides or herbicides are used during plant production.

According to European Union legislation, hydroponic cultivation is not considered organic farming. Organic production is only possible when plants are grown naturally in soil or water, following natural environmental conditions.

The link to the regulation is provided below Regulation (EU) 2018/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018 on organic production and labeling of organic products, and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007

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