Hydropolis » Blog » Vertical farms with Plant Growth Models – a recipe for profitable cultivation
29.05.2024 Autor: Hydropolis

Vertical farms with Plant Growth Models – a recipe for profitable cultivation

Hydropolis » Blog » Vertical farms with Plant Growth Models – a recipe for profitable cultivation
Autor: Hydropolis

Vertical farming is one of the most dynamically developing branches in agriculture. No wonder – the agricultural sector worldwide faces similar problems. Droughts, extreme weather events, pests, plant diseases, soil degradation – these are just a few of the main factors resulting in uncertain yields for farmers.

Vertical farming involves completely isolated systems from the external environment, allowing for uninterrupted, year-round cultivation of plants and fruits – regardless of location.

modele wzrostu roślin
Source: Hydropolis

How to increase crop profitability? What are Plant Growth Models?

Plant Growth Models are a compilation of data bundled together in the form of an algorithm and infrastructure that allows for healthy, fast and efficient plant growth on Hydropolis vertical farms. They operate at different layers.

  1. The first layer is the collected data on plant physiology, its nutritional, environmental and energy requirements.
  2. The next layer is the determination of the reaction kinetics of a given plant’s uptake of nutrients from both water (nutrient solution) and the atmosphere under given conditions.

Correlation of these data allows the construction of the next layer – the Plant Growth Model.

Combining the above elements into an algorithm involves putting together a mathematical and logical model of the cultivation process with analysis of current measurements from sensors monitoring the atmosphere and nutrient solution. Their effect is the ongoing management of the process through commands issued through automation to specific elements of the system, including – irrigation pumps, metering pumps, mixers, oxygenators, lamps, fans, valves, filters.

Along with this process comes not only the provision of logical values, but also infrastructure:

  • lamps with specific, individually selected – spectrums and intensities of light,
  • systems for dosing and distribution of water with nutrients,
  • hydraulic and ventilation systems that provide appropriate conditions for plant growth and the ability to freely control these conditions within preset ranges.

Each of these processes is repeated and individually selected for every single species that follows. This makes it possible to repeatably, in terms of quantity and quality, plan and produce any given mass (quantity) of plants in a specific time. Work on Plant Growth Models is the main focus of our R&D team.

The whole Hydropolis vertical farm is managed by the proprietary Grow Wizard software. It is responsible for both cultivation management (execution of uploaded algorithms) and handling and “ leading” the user – the technologist, who directs the cultivation from the client’s side. It allows planning, monitoring and informing the system what, when and in what quantity should be planted/harvested.

Plant Growth Models – Accelerating Plant Growth

In our research, we look for correlations between conditions and the rate and quality of plant growth. With appropriately selected cultivation conditions and specific infrastructure applied to them, we are able to accelerate plant growth by:

  • 5 times compared to soil-based cultivation,
  • 2.5 times compared to greenhouse cultivation,
  • 1.5 times compared to other vertical farming technologies!
Source: Hydropolis

Plant Growth Models – Healthiest, Highest Quality Plants

Building Plant Growth Models is inseparably linked with constant monitoring of the micro and macroelements content both in the nutrient solution reaching the plants and in the plants themselves. We have set a goal for our plants to be the healthiest products available in stores.

Our Technology allows for:

  • Reduction of nitrate content by over 50%
  • Increase in carotenoid content by nearly 30%

Studies conducted from October to December 2023 on lettuce (Oakleaf and Lollo) and basil (Bonazza) from Hydropolis cultivation and plants available in retail chains. Analysis carried out at the Agricultural University in Kraków.

If you are looking for efficient and economically viable vertical farming technology – you’ve come to the right place!

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What does Hydropolis provide?

The technology provided by Hydropolis consists of:

  • Cultivation hardware (LED lights, cultivation racks, irrigation systems, and climate control systems)
  • Plant Growth Models (results of research and development work, developed at Hydropolis’ test cultivation)
  • Proprietary software Grow Wizard, automation, and control (allowing for the control and planning of vertical farming operations).

Source: Hydropolis, Canva

What distinguishes Hydropolis’ technology?

The technology developed by Hydropolis, like other vertical farming technologies, ensures:

  • Local production and isolation from the external climate,
  • Gigantic water (up to 95%) and fertilizer savings,
  • Multiple use of space.

What sets it apart from other companies offering controlled cultivation solutions is higher efficiency (yield) while ensuring lower resource consumption (mainly energy and labor). This translates to operational cost savings for the farm reaching up to 21%.

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