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Hydropolis » Blog » How Vertical Farming Can Help Your Business to Strive
16.03.2023 Autor: Hydropolis

How Vertical Farming Can Help Your Business to Strive

Hydropolis » Blog » How Vertical Farming Can Help Your Business to Strive
Autor: Hydropolis

Time is money. We make sure that our solutions are cost-effective and can be implemented within the assumed schedule. Every business requires commitment and knowledge in various fields. We know this, which is why we do not promise impossible tasks and we do not advise unprofitable things.

We are pioneers in Poland of providing turnkey indoor vertical farming solutions. In our country, it is still a new specialization. Read this article if you want to invest in your own vertical farm.

The season lasts 365 days a year

Let’s start with what are the advantages of having a vertical farm? One of the most important benefits is its independence from weather conditions. It is a year-round production of plants under controlled environment. Vertical farming is the answer to the current problems of farmers who are struggling with climate change.

Traditional agriculture depends on the climate. It is a seasonal industry and requires a lot of space to develop. In Poland, as much as PLN 6.5 billion can be worth the harvest, which we lose on average every year as a result of droughts![1] Currently, agricultural land in Poland occupies for as much as 60% of the country’s area.

Vertical farming is:

Business: return on investment in 2-6 years

Growth: 2-5 times faster yields

Cares about environment: about 95% less water used than in conventional agriculture

Small space: from 52 to 114 kg of crop per year per square meter

Level of interest in vertical farming in the last 15 years

Vertical farming data
Source: Explodingtopics.com

Repeatability and scalability

The only constant in our life is change. Despite these words, we offer a solution that is repeatable and scalable. Thanks to the proprietary Grow Wizard technology, you have constant access and control over the growing conditions. The early alarm system will inform you in the event of a failure and recommend a simple solution to the problem.

Grow Wizard is software that allows remote communication with the automation system at the place of cultivation in Smart Crop (on growing columns) or in Plantainer (in a container). 

The basic tasks of the crop management software are:

Control of conditions, i.e., preview of parameters such as: hydration, lighting, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration
Manage multiple crops at the same time from the same device
Planning – Diary crop report

Data-driven agriculture 4.0

Vertical farming does not exist without technology and data analytics. Agriculture and automation are inseparable. “Smart farming” allows you to increase the efficiency of your cultivation and its scalability.

In the event of a clash: traditional cultivation with modern technology vs. drought/flood, there can only be one winner. Hydroponic cultivation under controlled environment provides greater stability and is more environmentally sustainable than conventional agriculture.

You have our know-how

The Hydropolis team consists of specialists by passion and by profession. They gained their technological education at Polish and foreign universities. We know that university knowledge is not everything, although it is the basis for our solutions. We have our own R&D center, which is constantly working on cultivation recipes for new species of plants, flowers and medicinal plants.

Get to know us!



Wojciech Krajewski

Entrepreneur successful in running two companies in the modern technology industry (chemical engineering, RES). He has worked on international commercial and research projects. He is an Engineer of Chemistry and Power Engineering at the Cracow University of Technology in Cracow. 


Anna Drwięga


Anna Drwięga

She began to gain her business experience while studying, collaborating in the introduction of an American cosmetics brand to Poland. She worked in the renewable energy industry. 

She is an Engineer of Hydromechanics and Geoengineering at the Cracow University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Management and Production Engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology. 


3 basic things you need to know when investing in vertical farming

Everyone takes their first steps at some point. Below we have collected the 3 most important things you need to remember when starting your adventure with vertical farming. In the FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

What you should know about vertical farming production

1.  Your customer: get to know your recipients, their needs and expectations. Find out how many goods they will need and in what period.

2.  Funding: Find a source of funding for your project. Consider the time to create the farm and implement automation.

3.  Knowledge: Currently, each company creates its own technological solutions to create vertical farming. There is no single source of knowledge about cultivation recipes. Learn from experts of vertical farming.

Build a better tomorrow with us

How to describe in a few words what vertical farming is? Technology available 365 days a year that provides effective solutions for you (business) and people (fresh, healthy food). Although this does not present the full range of possibilities offered by cultivation in a vertical system. We think that it brings you a little closer to what we can achieve and gain together. If you are hungry for knowledge, please contact us via the form below. Talk to you later!

Are you hungry for knowledge?

Go to calendly and make an appointment with us!

[1] Markiewicz, J., Ogórek, S. Gospodarcze koszty suszy dla polskiego rolnictwa, Working Paper, nr 3, Polski Instytut Ekonomiczny, Warszawa 2022

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